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 Notice of Annual General Meeting

 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 75th Annual General Meeting of Abbeydale Golf Club will be held at the Club House, Twentywell Rise, Twentywell Lane, Sheffield S17 4QA on Thursday 10 May 2018 at 7.00pm for the following purposes:


To consider and if thought fit, to pass the following resolutions, which will be proposed as ordinary resolutions:

1.              To approve the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 11 May 2017.
2.              To receive and approve the Club's annual accounts and the Director’s report for the financial year ended 31 December 2017.
3.              To fill vacancies on the Board of Directors for the offices of Competitions and two General Directors.
4.              To fill vacancies on the Competition, Green & House Committees for Vice Chairman.
5.              To approve the Annual Reports of the Green Committee, the House Committee and Ladies’ Section Committee.
6.              To approve the proposal of John Snape as Vice Captain for 2018.
7.              To approve the proposal that the election of Captain and Vice Captain for 2019 will take place at a general meeting to be convened on 29 November     2018.
8.              To reappoint Messrs Barber Harrison & Platt as Auditors of the Club for the year ending 31 December 2018 at a fee to be agreed by the Directors.
9.              To transact any other business of the Club, which may be done so at an Annual General Meeting.
Special Resolution:   To amend the Articles of Association to include the Golf Professional as an ‘Ex Officio’ Officer on the Board of Directors.

Final accounts for year ended 2017. Please click on the link:

 AGM 10 May 2018 Election List. Please click on the link below for further information.

Please click on the below reports for the 2018 AGM from Green, House & Social, and Ladies.




 Present:   Mr PG Bellamy in the Chair with 53 members present.

 Apologies received from 45 members including President Mike Roberts.


The Chairman opened the Meeting with a warm welcome to attending members.

 The meeting observed a moments silence in memory of members and past members who had died during the year –

 Derek Nice, Malcolm White, Ian Podmore, & former members Eric Allsop & Bob (Bertie Cooper)


 563             NOTICE OF THE MEETING

 The Golf Manager read out the Notice of the Meeting.


 The Chairman asked the Meeting to approve the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 31 May 2016 - which had been displayed on the notice board and available for reading from the office and the club website five weeks prior to the Meeting.              

 Matters arising - None

 The Chairman asked that the minutes be accepted as a true record and were signed and dated.

 Proposed by:   DR Longley                Seconded by:   M Milbourn


 2016 was a year of change and I hope significant progress. The mission statement of the Board, on behalf of the Club is “To promote and maintain AGC as a premier golf club in South Yorkshire; to present and develop the course to the highest standards ;to provide quality services to members and visitors for social activities and catering; to attract and encourage new members at all levels;”

Decisions made by the Board are underpinned by that intent. I now propose to comment briefly on a few areas of the club.


At the beginning of each year there is always a change in membership numbers, some as a result of category change and others by reason of moving away, age and other personal factors. The perennial challenge is to attract new members and in 2016 we highlighted the need to bolster the membership in the 25-35 age category. An incentive package based on a reduced annual subscription and no joining fee was introduced and proved to be very successful. The scheme has been modified for 2017 with the re-introduction of a joining fee [albeit much reduced] alongside the reduced subscription. Those members who joined last year have all renewed for 2017. If this continues we may well reduce the average membership age to below 66! We continue to have a steady trickle of applications and healthy interest and the Board are confident that by the mid-to end of the year the numbers will be similar to those in previous years. Further information is of course published on the Club notice board and new applications are notified to members by e-mail. There are vacancies at all levels.


There is no point in beating around the bush. Last year was poor in terms of both bar and catering turnover which in turn led to disappointing figures. Rosie’s report spells out a number of concerns and I don’t propose to repeat them here. House and Social are looking at the reasons for this poor performance as a matter of priority and have circulated members for their views and trying to get feedback on the lack of support for social events. The Board will consider their recommendations when received but while we remain committed to an in-house programme we may well have to reconsider the nature and extent of the services available to members. In the meantime, I urge members to support our social events wherever possible, new and old members alike. What is clear is the downturn in support for social events which in turn has a knock-on effect on catering and staff deployment. 


The accounts have been circulated and it can be seen that were it not for the VAT refund the club would have made a trading loss of around £17000. The subscription increase for 2017 was made to reflect that likelihood. Although the cash position was aided by the VAT refund no decision has yet been made as to the extent such monies will be spent. It is perhaps worth mentioning a few headline figures on the income and expenditure account. Entrance fees were above budget due to new member applications; subscriptions were very slightly down; green fees were down by around 5%. There was a fall of over £24k in bar and catering profit. Overall income was down by 3%. Greens expenditure was down mainly due to the lack of a head greenkeeper for 4 months, house repairs increased as did administrative expenditure in the main due to payment of fees in relation to the VAT refund. Overall there was a 4% increase in expenditure. The board and in particular Tony Coleman are keeping a close eye on the trading position as we progress into 2017.


There are a numbers of projects currently under review as well as known items of capital expenditure. The second phase of the ladies toilet and changing area was completed and within budget. Special thanks must go to Rosie Fry for the way in this was managed. A security barrier was installed along with additional CCTV and security lighting. We know that urgent repairs or even more substantial works will be required to the driveway and lower parking areas; the club house roof is likely to need replacement within a few years if not sooner; the Club office requires upgrading and refurbishment to improve the working environment. Those who read the minutes will see we are looking at the outside garage replacement/refurbishment as part of a project for a golf studio and better storage for trollies and buggies. No firm decision has yet been made and the project is at a very early stage. The use and décor of the 19th will also need to be considered. I could go on as the wish list is fairly extensive!

The Course

In 2016 we said good bye to Warwick who decided to leave after many loyal years [and long hours] of service. We wish him well in the future and the Board have already expressed their thanks. I know he was particularly pleased when the President met to pass on the members’ contributions. We also had a change of Chairman of Green again after many long years of service. Dave Longley, the board and all the members owe you a debt of gratitude for your unstinting efforts to improve and maintain the course to a high standard. We welcomed Graham Davies to the Board as Chairman of Green and Allan Donlevy as Head Greenkeeper. They have both already made a positive contribution to the course layout and condition which has been well received by members and visitors alike. Of course as Graham is keen to point out in his report these improvements cannot be done overnight and that is why the Board has signed off on the long term programme which has recently been published to the membership. A meet the greenkeeper evening has been arranged for 25th May and I look forward to seeing this room full not only to welcome Alan but also dealing with any questions you may have. The course is the unique selling point of the club. The Board’s energies have been focussed on that area for some time. The positive changes are welcomed by members and visitors alike. We aim to continue that approach as that in turn influences new membership applications, corporate and charity events and visitors.

Golf Manager/Professional

At the end of the year the Board was finally able to implement the appointment of a new Professional and Head Teaching Professional Richard and Gareth. We also appointed Nigel to the full time role of Golf Manager. Nigel is getting to grips with his new responsibilities which also now include additional responsibilities for marketing and promoting the club alongside the more traditional manger’s role. It is early days for all these changes but so far the signs are extremely encouraging, early indications are that members have viewed this as a positive move. It would also be remiss of me not to mention Gareth’s recent achievement in receiving a very prestigious award as Titleist and PGA National Assistant Trainee of the year award.

My thanks, on your behalf go to the Board members and all the volunteer members who give of their time so freely.The club is fortunate to have such a willing body of helpers as it could not function without their support and commitment. We are also fortunate to have loyal keen and efficient members of staff across the board whether it be green staff, bar and catering, cleaning and of course the irreplaceable Jayne in the office. On your behalf I thank them all for their efforts. However we are always on the lookout for willing [or even “persuaded”] volunteers in all areas, at the moment. I believe our Chairman of Comps, and indeed the other committees would welcome such volunteers!

P Bellamy, Chairman.

Questions had been kindly submitted via email, however the Chairman would prefer that members offering questions would also attend.

 MN Pestereff, J Hope-Gill & RE Atkinson referred to the poor trading position and trading loss, asking what steps were being taken to avoid any repeat. – The Chairman explained that this was due to a large downturn in catering and bar use and we will need to rely on all members for their support.

 RE Atkinson referred to the large payment of rent for the Top Cark Park, asking for the Board to consider again the other options that we may have on our current footprint to accommodate another 60 car park spaces.- The Chairman repeated as previous that there didn’t seem to be any alternative. It is the historic situation that had derived from many years ago meaning we have no solution to the problem. Comments would be discussed with the Board.

 RE Atkinson questioned the plans for the garages & golf studio.- The Chairman explained that at the moment we are exploring the potential of the investment in the upgrade. The changes would not only benefit the club and the Professional’s, but it is only in the initial  planning stage.

 Questions from the floor


   566                  DIRECTORS ANNUAL REPORT & ACCOUNTS

 Copy of the Directors’ Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended

31 December 2016 had been available to members for the requisite number of days. As no matters arising the Chairman asked that the Reports and Accounts be proposed and taken as read.

                         Proposed: PG Bellamy    Seconded: B Stokes     All in Favour: Carried

 567                  ELECTION OF DIRECTORS

                         Dr GK Davies (Green) and DJ Gilder (General) both co-opted mid term were due to stand for election again, however DJ Gilder decided to retire.

 The Chairman praised DJ Gilder for the work he had done in setting up a marketing template & working alongside Nigel Perry, Golf Manager.

                         Dr GK Davies, proposed by AG Bell & Seconded by MJ Roberts and elected unopposed as Green Director.   

 JWF Snape, proposed by SG Wright & seconded by PG Bellamy and elected unopposed as General Director.

      568               ANNUAL REPORTS OF COMMITTEES

 The Annual Reports of the Green Committee, House Committee and Ladies Section had been available prior to the meeting.  The Competitions Committee Report will be given at the Prize Presentation Evening on Thursday 23 November 2017.

The Chairman proposed acceptance of the Reports –

 Seconded byD Muhleyand unanimously accepted.


 The Chairman proposed that the election of the Captains’ and Vice Captains for 2018 will take place at the Prize Presentation evening on Thursday 23rd  November 2017.

 Seconded by P Kirkup

     570              ELECTION OF AUDITORS  

 Messrs Barber, Harrison & Platt were re-elected for the ensuing year at a fee to be agreed by the Directors, unanimously accepted by the meeting.

  571              A. O. B.



    572              SPECIAL RESOLUTION

                         To amend paragraphs 2.4, 2.5 and 5 of the Articles of Association as per the amendments previously circulated. (changes to the age categories of Intermediate members, and allowing 5 & 6 day members to propose new members as well as Full playing)

                        The amendments were agreed.


 The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance.

 Former President Tim Jackson acting on behalf of President Mike Roberts, thanked PG Bellamy for chairing the meeting together with all of the Board.

 The meeting closed at 19.31pm.